Label the picture

A bedroom

What’s your bedroom like? Have a go at labelling the things in this boy’s bedroom.

A classroom

In school we spend most of our time in the classroom. Can you label the furniture and objects in this classroom?

A dinosaur

Dinosaurs are amazing creatures that lived millions of years ago. Can you label the dinosaur body parts in this picture?

A dragon

Dragons are fantasy animals that you can see in stories and legends. This dragon is made up of different animal body parts. Can you label them in the picture?


The playground is a place for kids to have fun. Do you know the names of the rides and things in a playground? Try to label this picture.


Spring is a wonderful season around the world. Can you label this spring picture with all the things you see at this time of year?

Sea animals

The sea is full of amazing animals. How good are you at naming these creatures? Have a go at labelling the sea animals in this picture.


Fly, drive, ride or sail? Can you label these eight different types of transport?


Do you know what these parts of the body are? Here is a picture of an insect (it's a bee). Can you put the words in the right places?

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