Monkey squash

Chinese new year

Here are some things you might see or hear at Chinese New Year. Can you guess what they are?


You're using a computer right now. Can you talk about it in English? Try to guess these computer words.


What are you wearing today? Read the clues and guess the clothes words.

Parts of the body

Do you know the words for different parts of your body in English? Can you guess these words?

Dangerous animals

There are some scary animals in this game! Can you guess them all?

Days of the week

What are the days of the week in English? Practise the names of the days with this game.


Do you like to find out about dinosaurs? Can you guess all the dinosaur words in this game?


How green are you? Can you guess all the words about the environment in this game?


It's a game of two halves, but how much do know about 'the beautiful game'? Practise football words with this game.


Do you play a musical instrument? Can you guess the music words here?