Order the sentences

The history of football

Where is football from? Who first played it? What was the first football team in the world? Here is a paragraph about the history of football. But the sentences are all mixed up. Can you put the sentences in the right order?

A banana milkshake

Can you make a banana milkshake?

The great race

Have you read the story of the Great Race? It tells how the Jade Emperor chose different animal names for the years. Can you put the sentences in the right order to tell the story?


When did dinosaurs appear on Earth? When did they die? Order the sentences to make a text about the history of dinosaurs.

The solar system

There are nine planets in our solar system, but do you know the order of the planets from the sun? Rearrange the descriptions of the planets starting with the one closest.

A letter to Santa

Many children write a letter to Santa before Christmas telling him what presents they would like. Here is Katie’s letter, but it’s been cut up, can you put the letter back together again?

A magic spell

Make a magic spell and turn your friend blue. The sentences are mixed up. Can you put them in the right order to make the magic spell?

Ancient Egyptian mummies

A mummy is the body of a person that has been preserved after death. How did the ancient Egyptians make mummies? Put the stages in the right order and find out.

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