Short Stories

Ali and the Magic Carpet

Ali has found a magic carpet in his uncle's shop. Where will the carpet take him? What will he see? Who will he meet?

The Lucky Envelope

It's time for a holiday! Dalia wants to go to the beach - but her family has other ideas. Where will Dalia's family go on holiday?

The Cold Planet

Neila is an alien. She lives on a cold planet and nothing can grow. Can Billy and Splodge help her?

My Dad

Lottie is 10 years old and she lives in England with her dad and sister. Listen to her talk about her dad. Is Lottie's dad like your dad?


A strange animal has arrived at the ABC Zoo. Where will it go? Find out where the zookeeper will put the new animal in this story.


The evil villain Ratty wants to take over the world. Join Spycat as he travels round the world looking for Ratty. Can you help Spycat solve the clues?

The Animal Shelter

There are lots of animals at the animal shelter. The Good family wants to adopt an animal to take home and look after. Which animal will they adopt?

The Mummy

Basma and Hossam are on holiday with their parents. They are visiting the Pyramids near Cairo in Egypt. But they find something very strange in one of the pyramids. Read the story and find out what happens to them.

Our Colourful World

Billy and Splodge are in a spaceship. They are visiting lots of colourful planets. What strange creatures do Billy and Splodge find on the planets?

The First Marathon

The marathon is a race of 42kms, and it is an Olympic event. This race was first run 2,500 years ago. Read about the history of this race.