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Achievement is an important competency given that the more you can achieve, the better your prospects will be when it comes to looking for a new job.

An introduction to coaching

What is coaching? Here are the basic principles of coaching and what happens when somebody engages in a coaching partnership. Find out what a good coach does.

An introduction to competencies

What are competencies, why are they so important nowadays? How are competencies used in Human Resources and how can individuals use them to their advantage?

Blogging or print?

Some people have claimed newspapers will no longer exist in ten years – we will all read blogs instead. Are they a welcome addition to traditional media or is blogging a passing fashion?

Business and ethics

The primary goal of a company may be to make money but some companies nowadays also recognise that they have a responsibility towards the society in which they operate.

Change management

To survive and prosper businesses need to be able to change and adapt to internal and external environmental pressures but there are issues around managing the process of change.


The advantages and disadvantages of different ways of complaining with some useful tips on how to complain effectively, whether in writing or speaking to your boss at work.

Market research techniques

Do you know the techniques you can use for doing market research? What differences are involved in doing qualitative research as opposed to collecting quantitative data?

Multiple Intelligences

Multiple intelligences? But how many are there? The number seems to go up and up. Howard Gardner was the one who first identified multiple intelligences and he has since added to his list.


In this article you can read about the competency of relationship-building. You will learn what is meant by the term and what a competent relationship-builder does.