Meet Fadi

Fadi Khoury from Big City Small World

Meet Fadi who comes from the Lebanon but has lived in London since he was a kid.


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Welcome everybody. I’m Fadi, good to meet you. Yeah, you’re right. Fadi isn’t a typical English name. That’s because my family is from Lebanon. I was born there too, but I’ve lived in London ever since I was a kid. Now I think of myself as being both, Lebanese and English. Mostly, I’m a Londoner. London is full of people from all over the world so I fit in perfectly here.

What do I do? Well, ideally, I mean, if the world was perfect, I wouldn’t do very much at all. Play football… watch TV… play video games… hang out with my friends. But unfortunately the world isn’t perfect so I have to work. I work for our family business. We’re suppliers to restaurants, so we import foods from different parts of the world, the Mediterranean and Middle East mostly, and then sell them on to restaurants. It’s ok, not my ideal job but, well it’s the family business so I have to be part of it really.

I get to travel quite a bit for my job too, which is ok. I wouldn’t like to be sitting in an office all day.

I love London like I said, there’s loads going on, people from everywhere, even if the weather here is lousy. I’m 24 now. My mother keeps on asking me when I’m going to get married. But it’s not going to happen for a few years yet. I think 24 is way too young to marry and besides, there are too many beautiful girls in this city, even if I’m not going out with any of them at the moment.

What else, er… not much really. I like nice clothes, night clubs, Arsenal football club, oh and hanging out with the people at Tony’s Café.