Series 1 Episode 10 – You’ll be a shoo-in!

Two characters from Big City Small World

Can Magda get her dream job by following Johnny’s interview advice? Written by Chris Rose.


Before you listen

Do the vocabulary activity below before you listen. Then listen to the episode and do the first task to check your understanding. Finally, practise some vocabulary and grammar in Tasks 2, and 3. You can read the transcript at any stage if you want.


Listen to the audio


Comprehension task

Complete this exercise to check how much you understand.



Task 2


The following common expressions all occurred in this episode.

Can you match the two halves of the expressions?


Read transcript

Task 3


Exercise 1

Complete the sentences with a preposition from the box.


Read transcript

Task 4

Exercise 2

Gerunds or infinitives – choose the correct option.

Task 5

Exercise 3

Reorder the words to make correct sentences.


Audio script

Olivia: How’s the leg Johnny?

Johnny: A bit better thanks…I’ve got the plaster off it now, but I still need the crutch.

Olivia: Good to hear…

Johnny: Your nephew young Joe didn’t help…he’s not here today is he? I need to recover!

Olivia: No, don’t worry…I’m not looking after him today. He’s with my sister.

Harry: Hello there!

Olivia: Hi Harry!

Johnny: Hi there workmate!

Olivia: How’s it going, Harry?

Harry: Erm…not bad…

Olivia: You don’t sound so sure…

Harry: No, really, everything’s fine…

Johnny: Everything ok at work? I don’t get to see you much…

Harry: Well, I’m always busy, you know…

Johnny: Oh yeah, I know…busy busy busy. That’s me, too! Got to go right now…just to the doctor’s though, he’s having another look at my leg, making sure it’s ok…

Olivia: Bye then Johnny! Hope it goes well!

Johnny: Me too! Whoops…….Magda! Watch out!

Magda: Oh, sorry Johnny!

Johnny: Owwww!

All: Oh no!

Magda: Oh! I stepped on your toe!

Johnny: Don’t worry…never mind…nothing serious…I’ll get better! Good job I’m going to the doctor’s right now! Bye!

Magda: Oh no! I feel so bad!

Harry: Don’t worry about it, he’s not really that bad! He hasn’t broken any bones or anything.

Olivia: He’s just a bit of an actor, that’s all…

Harry: Tell me about it…he’s terrible at work! I try and avoid him…

Olivia: Oh no! Why?

Harry: He just talks about his work all the time, about how important he is, and how rich he’s going to be…it gets boring…

Olivia: But are you getting on with him ok, otherwise?

Harry: Yeah, I guess so…they really make me work hard for my money though…

Olivia: Do you think you’ll stay with that job?

Harry: For a bit, I guess. I’ll have to see how it goes, long term…

Magda: Isn’t anyone going to ask about my interview?!

Olivia: Oh yes…sorry! Of, how did it go?

Magda: I’m not sure…ok I think…it’s difficult to say…

Harry: What questions did they ask you?

Magda: The usual ones…why I want this job, what I can bring to their company…

Olivia: Did you answer all the questions?

Magda: Sure…yes.

Harry: Did you ask a question?

Magda: Yes…I only got a chance to ask one, so I asked them how far I’d be free to follow my own projects as part of the job.

Olivia: Good question.

Harry: What did you wear?

Magda: A suit, like Johnny told me to! Black jacket, trousers…

Olivia: Did you arrive on time?

Magda: I was perfectly punctual!

Harry: You’ll be a shoo-in!

Magda: Sorry? A what?

Harry: A shoo-in! It means you’re certain to get the job!

Magda: Well, I hope so…….Oh no! It’s them…they’ll be calling to tell me if I got the job or not….