Series 1 Episode 7 – Cheer up!

BCSW - Cheer up

Magda will finish her degree soon and wants to work in London as an architect.


Do the vocabulary activity below before you listen. Then listen to the episode and do the first task to check your understanding. Finally, practise some vocabulary and grammar in Tasks 2, 3 and 4. You can read the transcript at any stage if you want.


Listen to the audio


Put the events from the story in the correct order.

Task 2

Type one of the words from the top into the gaps to complete the sentences. One of the words is used in two sentences.

Read transcript

Task 3

Match the words at the top with the words below to make collocations.

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Task 4

Complete the sentences with ‘so’ or ‘such’.

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Fadi: Morning Olivia!

Olivia: Hello there!

Fadi: Do you live here?

Olivia: How do you mean?

Fadi: It’s just that every time I come in here, you’re here…it’s like you live here or something…

Olivia: Just taking a break that’s all…

Fadi: You’re always taking a break.

Olivia: Well my shop’s next door, so it’s so easy just to pop in here when things are quiet…

Fadi: Where’s the little thief today?

Olivia: Who? Oh! You mean my little nephew Joe…

Fadi: Exactly…the sweet little pest!

Olivia: He’s with his mum, my sister, today, you’ll be relieved to know.

Fadi: Has Harry been in today?

Olivia: He dropped by the shop before. Said he might pop in here later for a coffee.

Fadi: I think he’s angry with me, perhaps I should avoid him for a bit.

Olivia: Why’s he angry with you?

Fadi: Oh, you know, we argued about money – he was going to do that job for me…

Olivia: Oh yeah, but don’t worry. I’m sure he’s not really angry. And even if he is, he’ll soon forget it. You know what he’s like!

Fadi: Yeah, I guess so. I’ll just let it drop.

Fadi and Olivia: Hi there!

Sarah and Magda: Hello

Fadi: Cheer up! What’s up with you two?

Sarah: Just the usual…

Olivia: How’s the flat-hunting going Sarah?

Sarah: Still nothing. I really need somewhere to live. I’m getting desperate. I’ll end up homeless if things don’t get better!

Olivia: Oh come on, it’s not that bad…

Sarah: No, of course it’s not, but…it’s so difficult to find a place…

Fadi: I’m glad you showed up – I wanted to talk to you about that…

Sarah: Oh yeah?

Fadi: Yeah – I’ve heard of something that might interest you…

Sarah: Great! What is it?

Fadi: A cousin of mine has a spare room in his house.

Olivia: A cousin of yours…how many people are there in your family…?

Fadi: A lot!

Sarah: That sounds good…can I look at the flat?

Fadi: I’ll call him now.

Olivia: Are you sure about moving in there?

Sarah: Look, I really need a place, urgently, and it’ll be ok, I’m sure…

Olivia: Lots of opportunities to see Fadi….

Sarah: You are such a terrible gossip!

Johnny: There’s Fadi, always stuck to that phone, always working…or perhaps it’s girls!

Olivia: Actually, he’s helping Sarah to find a flat.

Johnny: Oh. Ok. Good. Well hello! What’s up? Why does everyone look so glum here?

Sarah: I’m still trying to find a flat…

Magda: And I finish my degree soon, which means I have to get a job, or go back to Poland.

Johnny: And you want to stay here in London?

Magda: Yeah, but it’s so difficult to get a job.

Olivia: That’s not true, there are lots of jobs around…

Magda: Yes, but I don’t want to just work in a bar or a café or a shop…

Olivia: Oh thanks!

Magda: Sorry! I know you work in a shop, but…that’s’s your own shop, and you sell such special things, those lovely handmade shoes! But usually, you know, shopwork isn’t great..

Olivia: Tell me about it…

Sarah: But you’ll be a trained architect, won’t you?

Magda: Yes, exactly…but it’s not easy to get work as an architect. There’s a lot of competition here in London

Johnny: You should go to China…lots of opportunities there right now, lots of building.

Fadi: Listen, Sarah, I spoke to my cousin and we can go round to have a look at the flat this afternoon if you like…

Sarah: “We”?

Fadi: Well, I’ll go with you, show you where it is…

Sarah: Erm, ok…Thanks!

Olivia: Told you so!

Magda: Well you might have solved your problem then…but I might not be here much longer!